Maxim Organic Non Applicator Tampons Super Plus

US$ 4.99

For the really environmentally conscious, skip the applicator and try this non applicator version. All the things you like about our organic tampons: absorbent, hypoallergenic, chlorine/dioxin free, synthetic free and fragrance free, but LESS WASTE than its applicator counterpart! So get down with your green self and try out these eco-friendly tampons!”

Weight/Pack:0.15 Lbs

Maxim Non-Applicator Tampons are made with 100% Certified Organic and Chlorine Free cotton. NO added pesticides, dyes, fragrances, rayon, viscose or harmful chemicals that can pollute your body and our earth.
Organic Certified by ICEA
Rounded tip for smooth insertion
Individually wrapped


Organic Cotton Absorbent Core, Organic Cotton Withdrawal Cord, Cellulose Wrapper, PP Wrapper

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