Maxim Organic Natural Cotton 3-in-1 Travel Pack, 50ct

US$ 1.35

Organic cotton is softer, leading to less irritation and is safer for our environment.
Get a 3-in-1 assortment of our most popular cosmetic accessories in an easy to store, grab and go kit. This item’s compact packaging and zip-lock closure make it convenient for any use.
Strongly knit fibers to prevent shredding
100% Natural cotton
Re-sealable Zip-Locked Closure for safekeeping and storage
10x cotton balls, 10x cotton rounds, and 30x cotton swabs

Weight/Pack:0.15 Lbs

100% Certified Organic Cotton, Special Breathable Cotton Interlace front & back Cover Sheet, Hydro-Intangled Cut, Lint Free

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