Pikkaboo – NapSafe Car Head Support – Baby Love

US$ 19.76

Pikkaboo NapSafe Car Seat Head Support comes to solve a significant problem facing parents worldwide: bobbing heads – when children fall asleep sitting up in their car seat or high back booster, their heads naturally start flopping forward, making the ride uncomfortable and definitely less secure. This is a very common and irritating situation! NapSafe is helpful for parents, as it frees them from having to worry about their sleeping child’s head while they are driving and allows them to focus completely on the road, without distraction. Pikkaboo NapSafe is the first real solution to allow your kids to sleep comfortably and securely sitting up when you’re on the go. With a truly innovative design and adherence to the most unstinting quality and safety standards, not only does it offer great value it’s also easy to use! We have gone the distance so you and your kids can too – safe and sound – awake or asleep.

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