Super Organic Applicator Tampons


Made with 100% Natural cotton ,Chlorine Free,Hypoallergenic,Synthetic Free,Wood Pulp Free,Biodegradable,Fragrance Free

Maxim Hygiene's 100% organic cotton tampons look and work just like your conventional tampons, but Maxim Hygiene tampons don't have any of those harmful chemicals that pollute your body and our earth. Make and Feel the difference with Maxim Hygiene Organic Tampons."
Weight/Pack:0.25 Lbs

Made with 100% certified organic cotton,Chlorine free,Hypoallergenic,Syntetic free,Biodegradable free and fragrance free, Designed with a smooth and rounded tip cardboard applicator to make tampon insertion comfortable and easy,Recommended use Heavy flow days

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Brand: Maxim
Organic Ingredients

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