Lemongrass Camel Milk Soap

Revitalising, Astringent

Bright, fresh and energizing, this citrus-smelling soap is a perenial favorite.

The essential oil of Lemongrass helps to revitalise the body and clear the mind. It creates an instant pick-me-up, relieving fatigue and awakening the senses. Useful in boosting mental concentration, focus and concentration, our Lemongrass soap is the perfect start to your day.

Naturally astringent Lemongrass oils cleanse and balance your skin, opening the pores and gently washing away impurities. Blended with our moisture-rich camel milk and olive oil, this soap will bring back the natural glow to your skin and leave it feeling soft and refreshed.   

The great astringent qualities of Lemongrass make this soap perfect for oily or acne–prone skin, but it is suitable for all skin types.

Average bar weight 100g / 3.5oz


Olive Oil, Camel Milk, Water, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Beeswax.

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