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Harmful Dioxins Found in Feminine Hygiene Products

If you are a woman, you use feminine hygiene products. However, did you know that traditional sanitary pads contain chemicals that could be very dangerous? One of these chemicals is dioxin.

How Dioxin Is Formed

Dioxin is a chemical by product of the bleaching process. The makers of traditional feminine hygiene products use chlorine in the manufacturing process to bleach the products so they are a brilliant white. They feel that this helps sell more products because it give the impression of cleanliness and purity.

Chlorine is commonly used to bleach paper, paper products, and tissue products. However, the chlorine used in the bleaching process chemically bonds with the carbon compounds in the papers and tissues to create dioxin.

The Problem with Dioxin

Dioxin is a powerful carcinogen, or cancer-causing agent, even in small doses. In addition to causing cancer, it can result in other ailments such as achiness, headaches, liver damage, weight loss, insomnia, irritability, acne, immune system disorders, and reproductive problems in both men and women.

Dioxin when released into the environment can cause problems as it enters the food chain. It is stored in fatty tissues and becomes more and more concentrated as it passes from one organism to another, thus posing health risks for both animals and humans.

Avoiding Dioxin

You can reduce your exposure to dioxin by avoiding pads that have been bleached with chlorine. Not only will you not directly expose yourself to the dioxin, but if enough people start avoiding these products, it will send a message to manufacturers that we want and deserve better.

As a woman, you can avoid the dioxin in feminine hygiene products by using sanitary pads that are totally chorine free, or TCF.

At the Treehugger Company, we carry the Maxim brand of feminine hygiene products. Maxim feminine hygiene products are different. They are totally chlorine free. Instead of using chlorine in the bleaching process, they use hydrogen peroxide which doesn’t create any dangerous by-products.

In addition, Maxim pads are made with 100% natural cotton. There are no synthetic ingredients or wood pulp used in their production. They are Hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and biodegradable. Making them both healthy for you and the environment.

Try Maxim Feminine hygiene products to keep you and your family safe and healthy from the harmful effects of dioxin.